Activity tables can be a great asset to your home! Not only are they convenient and fun, but they provide tremendous benefits for both you and your little one.

Cognitive Development

Most activity tables cover a general variety of learning areas, such as language development, shapes, colors, letters, numbers, problem-solving, comprehension, and general knowledge. Because 85% of our brains develop before we are five years old, research has shown that children who are exposed to cognitively stimulating activities at an early age are more likely to have higher IQs and perform better in school later in life!

Physical Development

Not only do babies grow cognitively through the use of activity tables, but there are tremendous benefits in visual perception, reaching and grasping skills, gross motor benefits, and self-awareness, as well as sensory stimulation and awareness. Activity tables stimulate movement, which helps to develop and strengthen certain muscles in their body. Both fine and gross motor skills are enhanced when your baby interacts with the table.

Engaging Entertainment

This is not only a benefit for your baby, but for you as well! While your little one’s initial interest in a new toy may quickly fade, activity tables provide entertainment for hours on end! This is primarily due to the wide variety of features that they offer. Activity tables can be many different toys, all in one! Also, many activity tables provide a “360” feature, allowing your baby to face and interact with all different sides of the table.

An activity table is a good way to keep baby’s attention while they learn and play so that you can have a few moments to yourself to tend to personal tasks, whether that is to complete a few household chores, tend to other children, or even just to have a moment to sit down and read a book or watch your favorite show.

Infantino Activity Tables

Here at Infantino, we offer two different types of activity tables for your little ones.

Grow-With-Me Discovery Seat & Booster™

Although not traditionally thought of as an “activity table”, this is a great product for young kids that cannot stand as the tray of activities surrounds them in their supported seat. Our Grow-With-Me Discovery Seat & Booster provides three solutions: a discovery seat, positioner, and booster. The discovery seat serves as an interactive play place, snack-time or feeding seat, as well as a secure booster with harnesses all in one.

The seat can be used with early sitters starting at four months of age for both stabilization and support. It includes four interactive toys to stimulate cognitive and fine motor development, while keeping your little one entertained and engaged. The toy pods can also be slid apart to reveal a snack time tray with a cup holder, or removed completely and used as floor toys.

When your baby grows, the security straps can be used to affix the booster seat to a kitchen chair. The Grow-With-Me Discovery Seat & Booster can be used with our without the snack tray for mealtime at the table. It can be used for babies from the time they can hold their head upright unassisted, up to four years of age (up to 33 pounds).

Sit, Spin & Stand Entertainer 360 Seat & Activity Table

Secondly, our Sit, Spin & Stand Entertainer 360 Seat & Activity Table is great for little ones who can sit up unsupported, as well as busy toddlers! Little ones can spin 360 degrees while exploring six engaging interactive toys, including light-up buttons that activate music and sound effects.

The entertainer features three different height settings, in order to adjust to your child as they grow. Once your baby learns how to walk, the entertainer can be transformed into a stand-and-play activity table with three rolling animal pals. Conveniently, once playtime is done the toys fold in and the legs fold under the table in seconds. It is easy to store as well as extremely portable to make trips to grandma's house a breeze!

We are confident that both you and your little one will love having an activity table in your home!