Summer is always an exciting time, especially for parents with infants. The beautiful weather provides many opportunities for outdoor play. One enjoyable activity that never fails to impress babies is water play! Not only does it provide an excellent opportunity for babies to cool off, but also promotes healthy development, both physically and mentally. In this blog, we will explore some of the best outdoor and indoor water play activities for your precious baby that will bring them pure joy. 


Outside Water Table Play

Water table play is a wonderful way to introduce babies to water. It is also a fantastic addition to summer play dates with other babies. Let them play with toys like the Infantino Aquarium Bath Squirters and Ducks. The toys are soft, colorful, and easy to grip, ensuring your baby has a fun time. Plus, it is a terrific way to let babies socialize and enhance their social development through imaginative play! 

Aquarium Bath Squirters

Heroes Duck Set


Bath Time Can Be a Fun Time with Water Play

Bath time can sometimes be challenging with babies, but with some fun water play toys, you can quickly turn things around. The Infantino Water Wand is an excellent way to get your baby excited about bath time. This easy-to-hold wand creates a mesmerizing waterfall effect. This water-activated toy will teach your baby hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and cause-and-effect learning. Another fabulous addition is the Infantino Splish & Splash Bath Play Set. This all-inclusive bath set has water cups, bath squirters, a fishing pole set, and the Infantino Water Wand. It is a great combination of playing and learning activities that incorporate fine motor, cognitive, sensory, and hand-eye coordination skills. 

Water Wand

Splish & Splash Bath Play Set


Dry Water Play

If you are short on outdoor space or access to water, indoor dry water play comes in handy. The Infantino Pat & Play Water Mat is a fantastic example of dry water play for babies. The mat has vibrant colors and floating sea pals in an encased inflatable water pat mat that babies can play with, all while keeping things dry. This is a great option for younger babies who are not ready to stand around a water table or interact with water toys in the tub. This mat encourages exploration through motor skills of batting and patting in the tummy time position, while strengthening head, neck, and back muscles for younger babies.

Pat & Play Water Mat, Whale

Pat & Play Water Mat, Narwhal

Giant Water & Rattle Pat Mat, Otter

Splash Pads

Splash pads are becoming increasingly popular in local parks and recreation areas. These interactive water play areas provide an excellent opportunity to introduce babies to water play in a controlled social play environment. Look for local splash pads in your area and bring the baby-friendly water toys along. Don't forget the baby sunblock and a change of clothes! 


Water Safety for Babies 

Water safety is crucial when it comes to babies, and it is essential to take precautions to ensure their safety while they are playing in the water. First and foremost, never leave your baby alone while they are playing in the water. It only takes seconds for something to go wrong. Always supervise your baby closely and be within arm's reach. Also, make sure the water temperature is appropriate for your baby, and make sure they are wearing swim diapers if they are not yet potty trained. 


Summertime is a great opportunity for your little one to enjoy water play, indoors or outdoors. There are many options for water play, from water tables to bath toys, splash pads to dry water play. Always remember to take safety precautions, such as close supervision and appropriate water temperature. So, get ready to cool off, have fun, and create memories this summer that will last a lifetime. Happy splashing!