Starting to make your own baby food at home may seem overwhelming at first, but it can actually be quite simple and easy! Here are twelve, tried and true homemade baby food recipes, for each stage of your child’s development! Plus, our Squeeze Station makes it easy to batch prep and serve your homemade baby food in reusable pouches. 

Stage 1 (4-6 Months Old)

While some parents choose to start solids at 4 months, you can also wait until your baby is a little older if you feel they aren’t quite ready yet. Either way, Stage 1 foods are the best place to start! These have lower allergen exposures, are thinner for easier digestion, and typically consist of single-grain cereals, and isolated fruits and veggies.

Remember, always consult with your pediatrician regarding introducing solid foods to your baby and specifically discuss any foods that may pose allergy risks for your baby. Here are a couple Stage 1 baby food recipes:

Rice Cereal

Making homemade rice cereal for your baby has never been easier! Check out our latest blog post to learn more. Read now!

Oatmeal Cereal

Looking for an easy and delicious recipe for oatmeal cereal baby food? Look no further. Read now to learn more!

Apple Puree

This simple apple puree baby food recipe is the perfect healthy and delicious food for baby. Learn how to make it now!

Avocado Puree

This avocado baby food recipe will have your little one begging for more! Check it out now.

Banana Puree

Your baby will go bananas for this banana baby food recipe! Discover how to make this healthy and delicious recipe. Learn more!


Stage 2 & 3 (6+ Months)

Green Beans

Nothing like delicious green beans for your growing little one. Learn how to make green bean baby food with this simple recipe! Get the recipe.

Peas Puree

Peas please! Learn how to make nutritious baby food from peas with this easy recipe. Check it out!

Garden Vegetable Puree

Learn how to make this yummy garden vegetable baby food recipe with all of baby’s favorite veggies. Check it out now!

Simple Chicken

Introduce your baby to tasty chicken with this simple chicken baby food recipe. Learn how to make it now!

Simple Turkey

Learn how to make simple turkey baby food with this easy to follow recipe. Check it out now!

Cheesy Chicken or Turkey Mashed Sweet Potato with Carrots

Your baby will be begging for more of this fun and yummy baby food. Learn how to make it now - get the recipe!

Turkey or Chicken Cheesy Pasta

This cheesy pasta recipe with turkey or chicken is the perfect baby food for your little one. Learn how to make it today!

We hope that these recipes are helpful to you as you begin your homemade baby food journey! Let us know which ones were your baby’s favorites!