Why latex?
  • Latex is a natural rubber that mimics the feel of skin.
  • This natural rubber is free of phthalates and bisphenol-A (BPA).
  • Teething toys made of latex are considered for baby.
  • Note: This product should NOT be used by or purchased for individuals with a latex allergy.
Do other Infantino products contain latex?

We have a limited amount of toys made from latex or natural rubber. Please check the packaging and labels on each individual product and our website for detailed information.

Is your paint safe and ‘food grade’?

At Infantino, we work hard to ensure the safety and the quality of all of our products. We have our products extensively tested in accordance with CPSIA requirements and applicable regulatory standards by CPSC accredited test labs to ensure compliance. We expect that children will put our products into their mouth and we go to great lengths to insure compliance with all safety regulations.

All of Infantino’s products meet or exceed the stringent safety regulations.

All paint used on our toys is thoroughly tested for compliance and there are no toxic elements or heavy metals in any of the paint used on our products.

The term ‘food grade’ can be misleading. Please understand that there is no FDA approved ‘food grade’ paint. Our products and paints have passed all safety testing requirements. The material composition we use in our paint is non-toxic and not harmful to babies if ingested.

Why is the paint coming off?

During use, it is possible for the non-toxic, infant-safe paint to wear off of the product. The paint is not harmful for your baby if ingested.

How should I clean this?

We recommend surface cleaning with a damp sponge or cloth and mild soap, air dry only. Do not boil, microwave, freeze or put this item in the dishwasher.

Why does the packaging say that we should air dry only?

Air drying is a safe and natural method for this product.