Bop & Drop Ball Tower

$ 18.99
Kids will have fun hammering these brightly colored balls through the holes in this tower. Watch the balls roll through the ramps. Which way will it come out first? Knock one through at a time, or hammer all four at once and watch what happens. The classic toy includes see-through slots in the tunnels so children can investigate as the balls roll through the contraption. After they all fall through, set it up, and hammer them through again. Listen to the sound they make as they roll through each part. Challenge your kids to match the balls to the rings at the top where they go to build color recognition. Explore open-ended play possibilities with Bop & Drop Ball Tower by Infantino.
  • Includes 4 matching balls and ball drop rings
  • 1 perfectly sized hammer for curious little hands
  • Bop and drop tower includes 2 slides and 2 peek-a-boo tunnels
  • Supports hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Great introduction to STEAM and Cause and Effect play
  • Open-ended play possibilities for babies and toddlers, 12M+

Bop & Drop Ball Tower Demo Videos

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