Activity Triangle & Shape Sorter

$ 14.99

The Activity Triangle & Shape Sorter by Infantino offers all-around fun activities for your baby to explore. Five sides of play allow your baby to engage in sorting four textured shapes, pulling and pushing on textured bendy ropes, and sliding or spinning textured shapes up and down maze-like tracks. Two swirly bars with sensory engaging sliding rings keep busy little hands entertained. Colorful textured bendy ropes flex so your baby can push the four shapes through the ropes. All of these exciting activities and fun textures support developing fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and even cognitive skills. Perfectly sized for little hands to hold and discover!


Offers 5-sides of play activities

Includes 4 multi-textured sorting shapes

Engaging sliding beads and spinning gears

Supports fine motor, hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills

Open-ended play possibilities

Activity Triangle & Shape Sorter Demo Videos

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