Right Temp Light Up Otter

$ 7.99
The Infantino Right Temp Light Up Otter is the cutest and most convenient bath time accessory for both baby and parent! The adorable baby otter lights up in different colors depending on the water temperature — red when it's too hot, blue when it's too cold, and green when just right. This multipurpose temperature indicator helps take the guesswork out of bathtime so you can have peace of mind when putting your baby in the tub. Plus, the otter also acts as a floating bath toy to keep baby entertained while in the tub. With its easy-to-maintain construction, simply wipe clean and air dry after each use. Make bath time easier and more fun with the Infantino Right Temp Light Up Otter.

The adorably cute baby otter lights up red when the water is too hot, blue when the water is too cold, and green when just right! 

Multipurpose temperature indicator & floating bath toy

Simplifies bath time for both baby & parent

Must-have bath time accessory

Easy to wipe clean after each use

Right Temp Light Up Otter Demo Videos

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