Light Up Ring Catcher

$ 9.99
The Infantino Light Up Ring Catcher is the perfect addition to bath time! This fun octopus toy includes one light-up octopus with five colorful tossing rings. This colorful bath toy is great for developing fine and gross motor skills. Must-touch sensory engaging textures on the tentacles encourage tactile exploration. During bath time, the octopus creates a soothing light show when placed in the tub for a truly magical experience. This engaging toy will help with hand-eye coordination skills through an enjoyable playtime experience of tossing and catching rings. Plus, this engaging set has multipurpose possibilities in and out of the tub, providing endless fun!  Get ready to dive into the deep blue sea of interactive play with this fun Light Up Ring Catcher from Infantino!

Includes 1 light up octopus and 5 colorful tossing rings

Tossing rings around the octopus's tentacles supports developing fine and gross motor skills

Must-touch sensory engaging textures on tentacles

The octopus creates a soothing light show when placed in water

Multipurpose play possibilities in the tub and beyond

Light Up Ring Catcher Demo Videos

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