Foldable Soft Foam Mat

$ 34.99
The Infantino Foldable Soft Foam Mat is a must-have for any parent looking to give their baby an enjoyable and safe play space. This soft yet grippy foam mat creates a perfect spot for your little one to play and practice new skills such as rolling, crawling, and sitting up. Not only is the mat comfortable and practical, but its unique fold-up sides also help keep roll-away toys from escaping. This foam mat provides a stylish look with its double-sided prints. You can enjoy a colorful woodland theme on one side and a more subtle checkered theme on the other. The mat is also incredibly easy to move or store away. Thanks to its lightweight fold-and-go design, you can take this mat with you, so you always have a playmat nearby for your baby. With all these wonderful features, the Infantino Foldable Soft Foam Mat is the best choice for parents who want to create the perfect play space for their baby.

Lay flat or use the 4 fold-up walls to create a play arena

Great for tummy time, sit & play, ball play book time and more

Reversible design for high vibrancy or something more subtle

Easy to wipe clean

Folds compactly for easy moving, taking on-the-go, and storing

Foldable Soft Foam Mat Demo Videos

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