Cups & Ball Learning Set

$ 9.99
Introducing the Infantino Ball & Cups Learning Set — an exciting way to help your little one explore counting, colors, and shapes! With these colorful and translucent cups, your baby will have fun learning and playing. Teach your little one to count by lining up the cups and counting aloud each one. Point out the different colors aloud, or help your little one identify the basic shapes printed on each cup. Play a game of peek-a-boo with your baby by hiding the ball under the cups, then letting them discover it! Stack all the cups into a tall tower or arrange them to make a track for the groovy ball to swerve and turn on. With endless possibilities for learning and play development, your little one will be sure to have hours of fun and educational entertainment with this six piece set! Get ready for fun times with the Infantino Ball & Cups Learning Set!

translucent stacking cups

1 groovy textured ball

Introduces colors, shapes, counting

Build you own track!

Supports fine motor & cognitive skills

Easy to store on shelf

Cups & Ball Learning Set Demo Videos

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