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Hide & Seek Activity Turtle™

$ 19.99

This transforming turtle encourages tinkering! Push, switch and twist the knobs on his shell to watch his legs and arms pop out. Two magical modes feature gross motor and fine motor skill development settings that keep little ones engaged from tiny to toddler. In mode 1, the knobs on the turtle's back respond to a simple push, ideal for babies learning gross motor skills. Turn the dial on the top of his shell to switch to mode 2. In mode 2, toddlers can practice fine motor skills by turning, switching and twisting the knobs. Teaches about colors, numbers, shapes and music. Features 4 original songs, 23 encouraging phrases and 15 fun sounds effects.

  • Age grade 6-36 months
  • Two magical modes -Push & Play and Think & Tinker
  • Teaches Shapes, Numbers, Colors and Music
  • 4 original songs, 23 encouraging phrases and 15 fun sound effects
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (Included)

Hide & Seek Activity Turtle™ Demo Video

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