Baby play mats are tons of fun for your little one, through the newborn stage through sitting and crawling. Even toddlers often find baby gyms to be entertaining! Due to this, you want to ensure that whichever play mat you choose will benefit your family for years to come. Here are five of our favorite safe, fun, and durable play mats!

Soft Foam Puzzle Mat™

This extra thick foam mat creates a safe, soft place for little ones to play. The textured pieces provide early sensory interaction and the pop-out puzzle shapes encourage grow-with-me play. The mat includes six 17.5 x17.5 puzzle squares for over 11 square feet of play space.

This is the perfect foundation for babies who are learning to explore during tummy time, as well as toddlers who are learning to take their first steps! You can set up the mat on any flat surface, where your little one will enjoy countless hours of safe play with their favorite toys!

Grow-With-Me Playtime Teepee

Playtime Teepees are becoming more and more popular for toddlers and young kids! This multi-functional gym is not only a play mat for your baby, but it will grow with them into a fun teepee for pretend play as they grow older. Four hanging toys and a large-mirrored mobile engage newborns and infants with overhead discovery, encouraging the development of their reaching and grasping skills. The musical elephant's ear is a fun addition for little ones during tummy time!

As your baby begins to crawl, one side of the gym can be closed to create a crawl-through tunnel. For toddlers and young kids, unfold the gym's sides to create a fun, playtime teepee! This play mat is sure to provide years of fun and playtime for your family.

Deluxe Twist & Fold Activity Gym & Play Mat™

This soft, engaging play space has a wind-up musical mobile that encourages eye-tracking while playing a soft and sweet lullaby. Three small, repositionable toys encourage batting and grabbing, while the large ring attachments allow these toys to be used with your stroller and car seat as well! A prop pillow and mirror for tummy time engagement are also included.

When baby can sit up without support, you can remove the arms and place the toys on the mat for a soft and clean space to play. The Deluxe Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat is also completely portable and storable. Simply twist the knob on the top and the arms collapse, allowing the mat to fold down to the size of a yoga mat.

Great Leaps Infant Gym & Ball Roller Coaster

This play mat is definitely not just for babies! The Great Leaps Infant Gym & Ball Roller Coaster transforms from an infant play mat to a toddler ball drop. In stage one, little ones enjoy three hanging pals featuring click-clack rings and a peek n' see mirror, which encourages grabbing, batting, and eye tracking.

Once your baby learns how to sit up, the arch can be tilted so that they can enjoy ball drop play with a handy track to keep balls close at hand. Later, put it back in an upright position for toddlers to send balls down a roller coaster ball drop. The blue frog arms can be closed to store the five colorful balls inside the arch, keeping your room neat and tidy.

Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit

This one-of-a-kind baby play mat converts into a fun, sensory-stimulating ball pit that’s perfect for busy toddlers. It includes forty colorful balls with convenient storage inside the turtle’s head. Also, four adorable sea pals delight little ones with a peek-a-boo mirror, grasping ring, textured teether, and rattle. This versatile playtime favorite will grow with your family to offer years of priceless entertainment!

Whichever of these play mats you choose for your little one, we are confident that they will have years of playtime and fun!