It’s Fun to Rub a Dub-Dub in the Tub

Infantino Splish and Splash Bath Play Set

Bath time can be a wonderful time when you have all of your baby’s favorite toys and essentials nearby. Our bath line of toys and essentials goes beyond play with added sensory, motor skills, education, and safety in mind. In this post, you will learn how to add a splash of fun and learning to your bath time routine.

Infantino Cap The Tap Bath Spout Cover

Safety First

This adorably cute whale spout cover is cushioned and helps protect against bumps and bruises. It’s universally designed to fit over most bathtub faucets and made of quick-drying, machine washable neoprene. Your baby will enjoy looking at this friendly-faced whale. 

Infantino Splish and Splash Bath Play Set

Sensory Engaging

The Splish and Splash Bath Play Set comes with 17 sensory engaging toys with fun developmental activities for your baby to explore. This colorful bath set is an early introduction to sensory water play, numbers, stacking, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, and fine and gross motor skill development. It’s sure to be a favorite for babies and toddlers. 

Infantino Aquarium Bath Squirters

Fine Motor Skills

Grasping and squeezing are activities that help strengthen your baby’s fine motor skills. In other words, their hand and wrist muscles. Developing these skills is key for many life skills like eating and writing. Our Aquarium Bath Squirters encourage your baby to strengthen their fine motor skills by grasping and squeezing these fun ocean animal pals in order to get a fun squirt out of them.

Infantino Whale Bubble Inflatable Bath Tub and Ball Set

Not Your Average Tub

Your baby will have a whale of a time bathing in the Whale Bubble Inflatable Bath Tub and Ball Set. This splashy ball pit comes with 10 fun balls, a jingling tail that’s fun to bop and bat, and an easy-to-release plug to drain water. It folds compactly for easy storing in-between bath time. Lots of smiles await with this soft inflatable bathtub!

Infantino Duck

Classic Fun

Bath Ducks are a classic bath toy loved by babies and parents, generation after generation. At Infantino, we make classic yellow ducks and a wide array of themed ducks that keep bath time exciting throughout the year. Look for them in the bath aisle at your local Walmart!


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