Are you and baby longing for a change of scenery? The great outdoors creates a lush experience that fascinates the senses. There’s something special about a baby crawling and rolling around in the grass, tracking sounds of birds chirping, and gazing at a beautiful blue sky. The gorgeous outdoors always seems to deliver on taking us to a place where we can take it all in. We know this might not sound like an option. We know how challenging it is to get away right now, mama. 

Luckily, you can recharge without having to go far. Your backyard has more potential than you may realize. Being an extension of your home makes it the perfect play-cation getaway, without the roughing it part because let’s be real traveling can be quite the task with little ones. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of a kitchen and changing table nearby. Win-win! 

The first thing you’ll want to do is create an outdoor oasis where your family can escape to. You could glam up your space with comfy outdoor-friendly items like rugs, throw blankets, benches, chairs, oversized pillows, shade canopies, and a hammock swing. This combination will create a fun-cozy space for you and your family to enjoy. Furthermore, hanging outdoor lights will add the right amount of twinkle to your adventures that stretch into the evening hours. If you really want to glam things up you could open your family camper, pitch a tent or even better yet, build a fort (super fun for toddlers). It’s about using the space you have to elevate it to a more magical one.

We want you to have the most magical play-cation space where your little one can giggle and wiggle, and you can take it all in. The new Infantino Go gaga! boho- inspired collection, exclusively available at Target, will bring the sunshine to your baby’s play-cation space while adding a splash of color to your day. This gorgeous collection is made up of our adorable Squeeze & Teethe - Llama,

Playtime Pal - Elephant,

soothing Teether & Rattle Gift Set,

and easy-to-take, 4-in-1 Twist & Fold Musical Mobile Activity Gym 

When planning your play-cation we recommend keeping food options easy so you can spend more time enjoying the beauty of the outdoors with your little one and less time cooking. Think summer salads, fruit kabobs, and dips with chips. For baby’s yum-yums, you could use Infantino’s beloved, Squeeze Station to pre-prep homemade baby food, and even smoothies for your little camper(s) the night before so you can easily grab & go when your tiny one’s tummy is ready for some fresh deliciousness. 

The space you create could be used for so many purposes beyond play, which is helpful if you have multiple children in your home. When your little camper is not using the space as their play destination, it could also be used as space to celebrate birthdays, a fun storytime nook, a game zone, a movie theatre...the options are endless. You know what’s best for your family. The point is that a fun space creates a designated happy place for everyone to recharge in. We’re all about happy parenting at Infantino and we hope this post inspires your happy space.

If you don’t have an outdoor space, no problem. Adjust the ideas in this blog to fit any indoor space in your home.

We’d love to see your little camper in their happy space. Tag us on Instagram @infantinobaby using hashtag #playcation