August is a popular travel month for families. The sun is shining, and adventure calls. Despite all the hype, we realize that you may have some concerns about traveling with your baby. This can absolutely be something that keeps you up at night, especially if this is your very first time traveling with a baby. So, we want to help ease your mind and better prepare you with our top travel tips for parents. Whether your family is doing a staycation or getting on a plane and going somewhere, this guide has something for you. 

How to Keep Your Baby Entertained at The Airport & On The Plane 

Traveling with a baby requires extra luggage, but you’ll want to have compact easy-to-reach for must-haves in your carry-on bag. Teethers are great for soothing babies when traveling, so when the tears start rolling reach for this adorable easy-to-hold textured carrot teether. A sensory engaging Jittery will spark lots of entertaining giggles as you wait for your boarding call. This ready-to-fly puffin includes lots of fun activities for busy little hands to explore from crinkle sounds and fiddle flags to hanging puffins and a textured, soothing, circular teether that activates fun jitters when pulled. Link this Jittery pal to your bag or baby carrier. Our Busy Board & Sensory Discovery Toys easy-to-prop-up kickstand is perfect for setting this busy board on your seatback’s tray table or any flat surface. Your baby can interact with this double-sided boat for double the fun! Spinning gears and a giant selfie mirror on one side will amaze your baby. Flip it over for 3 animal-print flaps that surprise and delight! An easy-to-hold handle with busy beads adds an extra fun element! Pack these travel baby must-haves in your carry-on and you will be better prepared for boarding and take-off 


How to Make Bath Time Easy Away From Home

Traveling can leave your baby feeling a little out of their zone, especially when it comes to taking a bath in a strange place. An easy-to-pack inflatable bathtub can bring a sense of calm to bath time wherever your travels take you. Simply add air to inflate this happy-faced whale and enjoy a familiar splashy time. For more fun bring the 10 floating balls along for some bonus ball pit play in the tub! 

 Infantino Whale Bubble Inflatable Bath Tub and Ball Set


How to Create a Play Space in Your Hotel Room 

Keep your baby entertained at your hotel with compact, all-inclusive play items. The Deluxe Twist & Fold Activity Gym & Play Mat folds compactly keeping all toys and even the mat together, so everything fits nicely in your suitcase. This means you do not have to worry about reassembling this gym together. Simply twist the top lock and set this play destination on the floor in your hotel room. Animal Parade Links may look basic, but they offer lots of play and learning value. Link these animals together to create a parade of fun animals. Practice counting, color recognition and fine motor skills with this 24-piece set!!! When the fun is done, use them to link your baby’s favorite toys to their stroller bar or baby carrier for on-the-go fun. Ball time is baby’s favorite, but there’s nothing like the activity-packed Busy Lil’ Sensory Ball. This perfectly sized ball for little hands includes a selfie mirror, textured teether, fun rattle sounds, satin fiddle flags, clacker rings, soft fruit nubs, and peel-back layers. This fun ball will not only boost your child’s imagination but will also support your baby’s cognitive skills 



How to Use & Wear a Carrier Properly When Traveling 

A baby carrier is a travel must-have for freeing your hands and lightening the load. A carrier can be used in so many ways on your trip from checking in at the airport to exploring your destination. With your baby on board, you can reach and touch things nearby, experience new flavors and smells, and see new sights and landmarks. Plus, you can take lots of super cute selfies on your trip! To help you seamlessly wear your carrier during your travels, our very own baby carrier designer, Samantha Broderick gave us her top baby-wearing tips that will help you comfortably explore with your baby. 


  1. Make sure to try on your carrier to make sure it is a good fit before travel if it is new. Practice wearing your carrier before using it at the airport or on vacation. Make sure that you know the best positions to wear your baby, and that you have chosen a carrier that will be comfortable and suits you both. If you are not feeling super confident with a new carrier, toss the manual in your diaper bag just in case. 

  2. Make sure to pack a carrier that all caregivers can share to help you travel lighter.  

  3. Think about where you are going to be wearing your carrier to choose one that is right for your trip. There are many different types- taking the time to find what is right for both you and your baby will make travel a breeze. 

  4. Is your baby close enough to kiss? You should be able to easily kiss the top of your baby’s head once they are properly positioned. If you must lean down, they are too low. 

  5. Is your baby’s back being supported? Proper tightening of the carrier will support the natural curvature of your baby’s back. This is known as C positioning, as your carrier/baby will form a natural curved shape when properly adjusted. 

  6. Is your baby being supported knee to knee? Make sure that you have adjusted the leg area of your carrier to fully support your baby. This is known as M-positioning, as the shape of your baby’s lower half will assume this shape when properly positioned.

  7. An important part of baby carrying is to make sure your baby is in view at all times, and to make sure that they are positioned so that their airway is not obstructed. Always protect the baby’s head, neck and airway. 

  8. Many of Infantino’s carriers have tidy loops- which are a great way to tuck up extra straps and keep them from getting in your way. 


We hope you found some helpful tips here. Please share your travel pics with us on Instagram @infantinobaby. We’d love to see what you’re up to!