As parents, there are few things in life worse than seeing our little ones in pain. One of the most common culprits of pain and fussiness in babies is teethingand learning how to soothe a teething baby is no easy task.

Most infants begin teething within the first six months, although the timing, how long teething lasts, and baby teething symptoms may vary widely. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to soothe your teething baby and help bring them some relief.

Keep reading to learn some great tricks and tips for soothing a teething baby!

Top Teething Tricks and Tips

1. It may sound too simple, but the pressure of rubbing your baby's gums can help alleviate pain! You can use a clean finger, moistened gauze pad, or wet washcloth.

  1.  The temperature of a cold or even frozen washcloth can also ease their discomfort. Other cold objects, such as a cold spoon, frozen fruit or veggies (in a mesh or silicone teether for small babies), or a chilled (NOT frozen) teething ring, can be soothing on a baby's gums as well.
  1. Keep up your baby’s immune system by giving them Vitamin D, whether through direct sunlight or liquid Vitamin D drops. When your little one is teething, it is important to keep their immune system strong. One way that you can do this is by continuing to breastfeed (even though it may be tempting to stop during teething) because babies receive so many antibodies from breast milk!
  1. Expect lots of drool! While it is completely normal, it is important to continually dry your baby’s drool to avoid irritation. A gentle lotion can also help if their skin becomes irritated.
  1. Many parents rely on natural remedies, such as herbs or essential oils. These can help to relieve baby teething pain and discomfort. Be sure to do your research, in order to use them both safely and effectively!
  1. Reducing any inflammation can go a long way in soothing a teething baby. Overall, inflammation from teething can stimulate nerves that cause pain. One of the ways you can lower this is by ensuring that your baby is getting enough rest and eating healthy foods (in addition to breastmilk or formula).
  1. Sometimes, all your baby needs is something to chew on and play with! Teething toys are a great option for that. Here at Infantino, we have designed a wide variety of toys that your little one will love! From teething rings to cuddly pals, there are so many different types of teething toys for baby available. Toys that are textured, gummy, squeezable, vibrating, and cooling can bring much-needed relief to sore gums.

While there are certain patterns in child development, no two babies are truly alike! What works to soothe one child when they are teething may not work for another. No matter how you choose to help your little one grow, we are confident that you already have everything in you that you need to be a great mom or dad. We hope that you find what works for your baby and that you can help soothe them during the painful teething process. As always, we are here to help!