We partnered with Sweet Paper a stationery and gift boutique located in downtown La Jolla, CA to bring you all things wrapping for the holidays. Sweet Paper is a “go-to” spot for greeting cards and gifts. They make gifting simple and sweet. Shoppers can pop in, pick out a card and gift, and leave the shop with a beautifully wrapped present.

interviewed Sweet Paper about all things wrapping this year. Then Sweet Paper showed us step-by-step how to wrap some of our most popular baby gifts. Warm up the cocoa and turn on the Christmas tunes. This is one sweet post to get you in the holiday spirit (and all those gifts under the tree). 

What is your go-to/ must-haves when wrapping gifts for the holidays?

Double-sided tape is a game-changer when wrapping gifts and beautiful ribbons are a must for the finishing touch.  

What are some unique wrapping techniques for baby gifts?

We love adding an additional small, coordinating gift to the outside of the wrap, tied into the bow. For instance, you could add a pacifier or a teether.

For an environmentally friendly approach, you can use a swaddle to wrap the gift instead of paper. 

Do you have suggestions for oddly shaped baby gifts like a baby stacker?

As much as we love a beautifully wrapped gift, for odd-shaped items, the simplest route is usually a gift bag. Tissue paper also works as it's easier to fit around an odd shape. When using tissue paper, lay it out flat and set the item on top, then pull it up around the sides of the item and tie a bow at the top, leaving a few inches of tissue sticking out above the bow that can be fluffed up. 

What’s the big trend this year when it comes to gifting/ wrapping for the holidays? 

Eco-friendly and multi-purpose options have been top of mind this year. We carry beautiful decorative gift boxes that can be reused or put to use as decorative home storage. Plus, for those short on time, all you need to do is add ribbon and you're done!

We asked Sweet Paper to help us wrap some of our top-selling items this holiday. We compiled 4 step-by-step techniques for you plus a simple bonus idea for making any gift extra merry.

1. The Oddly Shaped Gift Technique, Tape Not Required!

Our Funny Faces Ring Stacker is a fun twist on a traditional baby toy. Its silly shape is a little odd for wrapping, but Sweet Paper’s tips make this a simple task.



  1. Find a bag that will fit your gift.
  2. Set the gift in the center of tissue paper wrapping it around the gift to conceal it. Then, put it all inside the bag. 
  1. Take 2 sheets of tissue paper and criss-cross together.
  1. Pull the center of both tissue papers from the bottom and pack them into the bag. Arrange the sheets of tissue paper to give your gift some flare. 
  1. Use different colored tissue paper and alternate colors as you please.
  1. Grab some ribbon and tie a bow through the bag handles. 

2. The Blocks in a Box Technique

Another baby must-have are blocks. Our Squeeze and Teethe Block Set is fun to stack and makes learning about numbers, colors, and animals fun.  We made them soft and squishy and put them in a tote bag for easy on-the-go play. Sweet Paper recommends wrapping our blocks in a holiday box and we think it’s the perfect technique for giving a soft gift a solid wrapping.

  1. Find a box that will fit your baby blocks.

  2. Measure tissue paper to the width of the box, with the pattern upside down. Fold and overlap tissue as needed.
  1. Put one side of tissue paper in the box with leftover tissue paper hanging out. Repeat this for all 4 sides of the box.
  1. Put the blocks inside the box.
  1. Close all leftover flaps of tissue paper and enclose the gift.
  1. Wrap your box with any ribbon of your choosing.

    Pro tip: To know how much ribbon to measure out, drape the ribbon over the top and sides of the box 4 times. Add a little extra ribbon material for the bow and cut.
  1. Wrap the ribbons around the gift so they twist around one another and then run perpendicular to the original direction. Tie a bow and cut the extra material at an angle.

3. The Big Present Technique

Parents love our Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Seat & Booster. It offers big functionality transforming from a musical seat positioner for little ones to a booster for toddlers. It also comes in a lovely big box and we have just the right tips to help you get those big baby gifts wrapped and under the tree.

  1. Put the gift in the center of the wrapping paper.

  2. Cover a little over half of your box with the wrapping paper first, then measure the rest of your wrapping paper to meet in the middle.
  1. Fold-down the top flap. Crease sharply along the top of the box, then crease again where the paper meets the bottom edge of the box. 
  1. Fold under any excess paper on the bottom flap so that it lines up perfectly with the top of the box. 
  1. Apply double-sided tape to the bottom flap, then fold it over the top flap and repeat for the other side. 

4. The Double Bow Technique

  1. Add two different styles of ribbon to the outside of an already wrapped present so they twist around one another and then run perpendicular to the original direction.
  1. Make a bow with the thinner ribbon first. When you loop the second bow, flip the ribbons upside down so the thinner ribbon is underneath. That way when the ribbon comes through to make the second side of the bow, it will have the thinner ribbon on the outside for double the cheer.

    + The Extra Jolly Technique

    Use our Holiday Wrist Rattles, Squeeze & Teethe Reindeer Pal, and Holiday Ducks to add extra jolly to any wrapped holiday gift. Simply tie a bow around one of these adorable holiday goodies or use double-sided tape and attach it to your present for a magical holiday touch.

    We had so much fun learning about these wrapping techniques from Sweet Paper and we hope you did too. If you’d like to connect with Sweet Paper check out all their deets below and don’t forget to visit them for your gift and wrapping needs. Sweet Paper also specializes in custom wedding invitations and personal stationery.

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    As your baby unwraps their gifts this holiday remember to keep loose gift wrapping materials away from babies for safety. 

    From our family to yours Happy Holidays!