For many parents and children, bathtime is more than just a routine. Between the bubbles, the cuddles before bed, and especially the toys, bath time often becomes one of the most treasured childhood memories. While the rubber ducky will always be a classic, these five baby bath toys are a must-have for parents who are looking to make bathing their baby more memorable and fun!

Squirting Toys

Squirting toys are the perfect bath toy to start with, as they are fun from baby’s very first bath and far into childhood. Our Tub O' Toys™ sets (available in both 9-piece and 12-piece sets) are squeezable, teethable, and BPA free, and babies and young toddlers love using them to squirt water in the tub! Also, our Aquarium Bath Squirters™ are easy for little hands to hold and squeeze. The set includes a goldfish, seahorse, starfish, whale, shark, octopus, coral, and coral ball.

Our Jumbo Sea Squirt Turtle™ and  Jumbo Sea Squirt Fish™ are both great additions to bath time for little ones who are ready for more active play. Not only are they extra large for extra fun, but they also pull-apart for easy cleaning and drying (to protect against internal mildew and mold).

Textured Toys

Sensory Pals™ are great for teething little ones who are just learning to explore the world around them. The set includes five easy-to-grasp, BPA free animal characters. Each one encourages tactile development in babies, through their differing, interesting textures. Sensory Pals are squeezable, teethable, and so much fun!

Also, our Glowing Jelly Lights™ create a unique sensory experience in the tub. The soft tentacles flow and swim, and glowing lights are activated automatically when the toys are placed in water.

Sooner than later, your baby will learn to sit up, crawl, stand, and walk (if they haven’t already)! As little ones continue to grow and become more active, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep their attention. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of interactive bath toys that can help make bath time fun for older babies and toddlers!

Stacking Cups

It is undeniable that one of the best parts about bath time is water play, but did you know that it is beneficial, too? Water play encourages the development of eye/hand coordination through pouring, squeezing, shaking, stacking, squirting, and stirring. Specifically, pouring water from one cup to another helps babies and toddlers develop fine motor skills and an understanding of cause and effect.

Our Catching Fish Cups™ are four toys in one! Babies can play with each piece separately or stack them together. The fish’s head acts as dribble dish, it’s body is a pouring cup, and the tail is a sprinkling strainer. The included floating pufferfish can swim in the stacked fish’s tummy or bob in the tub.

Bath Mirror

Our Funny Faces Bath Mirror™ sticks on the wall of the shower or bath, and is baby-safe with a foam border. It includes three mix and match foam wall stickies, such as a pair of glasses, googly eyes, and a mustache, to encourage interactive and pretend play among your little ones! Babies and toddlers love making funny faces in the mirror.

Each of the sticky foam features and the mirror are waterproof, which means the fun will last for years to come! Not only are mirrors fun for bath time, but they can also stimulate development in both babies and toddlers. Mirrors are a great tool to help babies develop self-recognition, and build young toddlers’ vocabulary!

You can teach different parts of the face while pointing to them in the mirror, and encouraging your toddler to do the same. Also, you can encourage their imagination through the mix and match wall stickies, and help them develop spatial self-awareness while using the mirror!

Bubble Turtle™

Our Bubble Turtle™ is an extra large, super light, inflatable bath toy that your babies and kids will love! It features colorful fishy friends and bouncing balls in the turtle’s shell that jingle and make fun sounds when little hands move and shake it. The Bubble Turtle is easy to inflate, and deflates for easy storage once bath time is over! It quickly wipes clean, and is great for travel as well.

However bath time may look for your family, we are confident that you and your little ones will love these toys just as much as we do! And remember - bath toys need a bath too! Proper cleaning and care will prolong the life of your bath toy and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. See our tips for bath toy care here!